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Digitization of VHS and cameratapes

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Digitizing video tapes and camera tapes

Many people have old VHS tapes, camera tapes, video tapes, full of memories of precious events. Much of this footage is dusting in cabinets and can often no longer be viewed due to a lack of playback equipment or the knowledge and time to transfer it yourself. A shame of course, we are happy to transfer it for you!

We can digitize not only consumer systems, but also professional systems. The types of tapes that we can transfer are:

Consumer tapes:

VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, miniDV, HDV, miniDVD, DVD. Please note, we use professional tape prices for V2000 and Betamax tires.

Professional tapes

V2000, Betamax, Betacam, Digital Betacam, DV large, HDV, DV Cam, XD Cam, Umatic, DVC Pro 25, DVC Pro 50, (We cannot accept the DVC PRO HD type)

File storage
We save the digitized video tapes as MP4 files on USB or external hard drive (hdd ). The MP4 files can be used on Apple and Windows computers and can also be played directly on your Smart TV. Each tape gets its own file on the USB / HDD. We give the tapes and files a number so that you can easily find the tapes and files afterwards. You can rename the files yourself afterwards. The MP4 files are also excellent for editing in a video editing program. So you can edit your videos yourself afterwards.

We need a USB / HDD to store the files. You can supply this yourself or purchase it from us. About 5GB of storage space is required for one hour of video material. Keep this in mind when delivering your storage medium. You must indicate your choice when creating the order.

Another option is that we transfer the video films to a DVD. A maximum of 2 hours of video material can be stored on a DVD. Since the DVD is slowly losing ground, we recommend to have it converted to MP4 file. Both are of course also possible (for a surcharge).

SD or HD
Most video tapes and camera tapes are recorded in SD and are also stored in SD. We can't make HD out of that. We transfer HD recorded tapes to HD. A surcharge of 5.00 per tape applies for this.

We can transfer NTSC recorded tapes to NTSC files. Just like PAL tapes, you can simply play them on your TV or computer and these files are also suitable for video editing.

Pricing digitizing videotapes and camera tapes

  • The more tapes, the lower the unit price
  • Storage on USB / external hard drive, supply it yourself or purchase from us.
  • If you supply a USB or external hard drive yourself, please take into account the 5GB space required for an hour of video material.
  • We save the files in MP4 format. Other formats are available on request.

Price list for tape formats VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, MiniDV, Hi8, Video8, Digital8, DVD-5, mini-DVD

Number of tapes Price per tape


2 to 4


5 to 9


10 to 14




20 to 24


25 pieces and more


Price list for tape formats V2000, Betamax, Betacam, Digital Betacam, DV large, HDV, DV Cam, XD Cam, Umatic, DVC Pro 25, DVC Pro 50

Number of tapes Price per tape


2 to 4


5 to 9


10 to 14


15 to19


20 to 24


25 pieces and more 30.00

Prefer your videotapes and camera tapes digital?

  • Volume discount, the more the better!
  • From 15.00 per tape!
  • Easily view, share and edit.
  • .

    How do you place an order?

    1. Go to: Order video services.
    2. Enter the number of tapes. (note, some tapes have higher prices)
    3. If you like the price, make an order from your order. & nbsp;
    4. Don't worry if you don't fill it in exactly right, we'll check everything. & nbsp;
    5. You only pay afterwards and for the actual number. & nbsp;
    6. During the ordering process you will be asked if you want to drop by the order, have it picked up, or send it to us. & nbsp;
    7. Once completed, you will receive an invoice with the & nbsp; final order amount, based on the actual number of tapes transferred. & nbsp;
    8. You & nbsp; can pick up the order from us and pay at the counter or pay in advance and have it returned.

    Are you coming to bring your order ? Then you do not have to create the order through our ordering process. You can visit us from Monday to Saturday to submit and discuss your assignment. An appointment is not necessary.

    Would you like to send it , but you don't find our ordering process convenient? Then you can 'just' send it to us with a note with your assignment description and your name, address details, telephone number and e-mail address. If you send an order, always do it with a parcel seal or by registered mail, so that your parcel is traceable.

    Not quite sure? Please feel free to contact us at 020-4272027 or via chat.

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