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Digitalisatie van beeld en geluid Alles in eigen beheer Sinds 1991 Voor particulieren en bedrijven

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slides digitization

We can digitize all slides / slides. Below are the types of slides we scan the most.

Price range 1
1. 35mm slides on strip (24x36mm)
2. Mounted 35mm slides (24x36mm)
3. Half-frame slides on strip (16x24mm)
4. Mounted half-frame slides (24x36mm)
Price range 2
5. Medium format slides loose / strip (6x4½, 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9cm) *
6. Mounted instamatic slides (28x28mm)
7. 4x4cm slides estimated (4x4cm)
Price range 3
8. Glass slides from small to large
9. Professional flat film slides

We all scan the first 5 formats with Noritsu scanners and include dust, scratch, color and exposure correction.
The other slide sizes 6 to 9 are made digitally with flatbed scanners and include manual color and exposure correction.

Note: Medium format, 6 x 6 slides must be delivered estimated. We can also arrange this framing at 1.10 each.
(Deliver other framed slides framed!)

Het team van Trigger


Edwin Dommershuizen

Chef Memories

Julia Klaver

Marketing & Administration

Martin van der Aart

smalfim & video

Bernhard André


Monika Chudoba


Martin Meijn


Rob Verhagen

dia, foto, negatief

Josje de Smet


Pieter de Rooij

smalfilm voorbereiding

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