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Digitization of photos and photoalbums

fotos digitaliseren door Trigger

Digitization of photos and photoalbums

Trigger can digitize all types of printed photos. We work with a photo scanner that can handle up to A3 format, but we can also scan larger photos in parts, which we neatly reassemble digitally for you.


We generally work in 2 resolutions: 300dpi or 600dpi. If we scan a photo of 10x15cm, this results in approximately 1200x1800pixels at 300dpi and 2400x3600pixels at 600dpi respectively in terms of digital size. This makes it possible to make excellent prints up to slightly smaller than A4 and A3 format respectively. However, in the professional printing world, photos scanned at 300dpi will be printed the same size as the original and will not be enlarged. If you want to have your photos printed without any loss of quality, you will have to have them scanned at 600dpi. You can then have 2 times the size of the original printed. For 4 times the original size you must then have it scanned at 1200dpi. So this applies to the professional standard for lossless printing. In many consumer photo books or printers you will not really see the difference quickly and so you will be able to make good prints from an original 10x15 cm photo scanned at 300dpi to slightly smaller than A4 size. And from a 10x15cm photo scanned at 600dpi you can make a print up to about A3 size. In general, we recommend that you always have photos smaller than 10x15cm digitized in 600dpi. Scanning photos in this way gives you just a few more options for the future. All photos are manually corrected by us for color and lighting, and in some cases we can also do something about the dust and scratches with software. You also have the option to scan photo album pages in their entirety, then the entire page will be corrected and not per photo separately.


We usually supply JPEG files, but TIFF is also an option, for example. It is possible to scan up to 12,000 dpi. This can be useful if one photo is used to cover a wall, for example.

Pricing digitization of photos and photoalbums

  • We scan individually supplied photos or photo albums per page
  • We charge a minimum amount. If you hand in less, you pay the minimum amount.
  • Delivery in Tiff format is also possible, higher rates apply.
  • The files are delivered on a USB stick, supplied yourself or purchased through us.
  • You can indicate the options when placing the order.

Loose photo's,
minimum 60 pcs

basic quality
300 dpi, jpeg

high quality
600 dpi, jpeg










Albumpage scan
minimum 25 pages
600 dpi, jpeg








Boxes full with old photo's? Prefer them digital?

  • Digitization of loose photos from 30 cent a piece.
  • Digitization of photo album pages as from 1,00 per page
  • Easy to view, edit, share and save.


Why choose Trigger?

  • We think along, advise you honestly and thoroughly
  • Our employees are selected for their care
  • We structure (or take over) what you provide
  • We will keep your digital images as a backup

How do you place an order?

  1. Go to: Order photo services
  2. Choose from the different options.
  3. Please estimate the number of scans.
  4. If you like the price, make an order from your order.
  5. Don't worry if you haven't entered it exactly right, we'll check everything.
  6. You only pay afterwards and for the actual number.
  7. During the ordering process you will be asked whether you would like to bring the order to us, collect it or send it to us.
  8. Once ready, you will receive an invoice with the final order amount, based on the actual number of items transferred.
  9. You can collect the order from us and pay at the counter or pay in advance and have it returned.

if you hand over your order personally at our offices,  you don't have to create the order via our order process. You can visit us from Monday to Saturday to hand in and discuss your assignment. An appointment is not necessary.

Would you like to send it, but you don't find our ordering process convenient? Then you can also 'just' send it to us with a note with your assignment description and your name, address details, telephone number and e-mail address. If you send an order, always do so with a package seal or registered, so that your package is traceable.

Can't quite figure it out? Please feel free to contact us via 020-4272027 or via email.

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