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Digitalisatie van beeld en geluid Alles in eigen beheer Sinds 1991 Voor particulieren en bedrijven

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Digitization of negatives

negatieven digitaliseren door Trigger


Digitize Negatives

Trigger can digitize all negatives, both color and black and white negatives.
Below are the species that we scan the most.
1. 35mm negatives (24x36mm)
2. APS negatives (16x30mm)
3. Pocket size negatives (13x17mm)*
4. Medium format negatives (6x4½ to 6x9cm)
5. Half-frame negatives (16x24mm)
6. Glass negatives from small to large
7. Instamatic Negatives (28x28mm)
8. Kodak Disc Negatives
9. Flat film negatives up to A3 format

*We cannot scan black and white pocket negatives in our standard way. Please contact us about this.

Dust & Scratch, Color & Exposure Correction

For the first 5 sizes of photo negatives, we all scan with dust, scratch, color and exposure correction. Our negative scanner has been selected for speed, image quality and maximum resolution and versatility. With different “masks”, our machine can be converted from 35mm scanner, to APS scanner to 6x6 negative scanner etc. We are convinced that there is no better one in the world. We can digitize up to approximately 35 megapixels for the medium format and 17 megapixels for the smallest pocket format.

The other negative formats 6 to 9 are made digital with other scanners with manual color and exposure correction. The resolution can even be set up to 12,000 dpi per photo negative. This is sometimes useful for companies or private individuals if a (large) wall has to be covered with one photo.


  • We charge a minimum amount .
  • Delivery in Tiff format is also possible, higher rates apply.
  • The files are delivered on a USB stick, which you can supply yourself or purchase through us.
  • You can  indicate the options when placing the order.

(half-) 35mm negatives/slides on strip, APS negatives, instamatic-110/pocket negatives
price per piece, minimum 50 pieces

basic quality
1200x1800px, jpeg

middle quality
2400x3600px, jpeg

highest quality
4000x6000px, jpeg









> 1000




  • Medium format, instamatic-126, non-standard sized negatives
    (up to 6 x 9cm), price per piece, minimum 30 pieces

    basic quality
    2000x3000px, jpeg

    high quality
    4000x6000px, jpeg










    Glass negatives / flat film / Kodak disk, minimum 10 pieces

    1200 dpi, jpeg

    price per piece


    (Kodak disk are scanned per disk, as 1 file)
    (Save per image? Then surcharge 0.25 per image).


  • Prefer your negatives digitally?

    • Scan negatives from 25 cents each.
    • Easy to view, share and edit.



    Why choose Trigger?

    • We think along and advise you honestly and thoroughly
    • We work with the best form of dust and scratch correction
    • Manual color correction by experienced people
    • Our employees are selected for their carefulness
    • We structure (or take over) what you provide us
    • We will keep your digital images as a backup


    Hoe plaatst u een order?

    How do you place an order?

    1. Go to:.Order negatives
    2. Choose from the type of negative
    3. Provide an estimate of the number of scans.
    4. If you like the price, place the order.
    5. Don't worry if you haven't entered it exactly right, we'll check everything.
    6. You only pay afterwards and for the actual number.
    7. During the ordering process you will be asked whether you would like to drop off the order, collect it or send it to us.
    8. Once ready, you will receive an invoice with the final order amount, based on the actual number of items transferred.
    9. You can collect the order and pay at the counter or pay in advance and have it returned.

    If you bring your order to our offices personally, you do not have to place  the order via our order process. You can visit us from Monday to Saturday to hand in and discuss your order An appointment is not necessary.

    Would you like to send it, but you don't find our ordering process convenient? Then you can also 'just' send it to us with a note with your job description and your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. If you send an order, always do so with a parcel seal or by registered post, so that your parcel is traceable.

    Can't quite figure it out? Please feel free to contact us on 020-4272027 or via chat.

    Het team van Trigger


    Edwin Dommershuizen

    Chef Memories

    Julia Klaver

    Marketing & Administration

    Martin van der Aart

    smalfim & video

    Bernhard André


    Monika Chudoba


    Martin Meijn


    Rob Verhagen

    dia, foto, negatief

    Josje de Smet


    Pieter de Rooij

    smalfilm voorbereiding

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