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Digitization of Audio

audio digitaliseren door Trigger

Digitization of audiomaterial

Do you have precious sound fragments in your closet and don't want to let them get lost? We can digitize audio so you can listen to your favorite recordings again
We can digitize the following sound carriers:
Tape recorder reels, cassette tapes, LPs, mini disc, DAT tapes, singles, 78 rpm records.

We can convert sound to WAV or MP3. It's just what you find more comfortable. WAV files are uncompressed files and MP3 are reduced in size and stored more compactly.

You can receive the music or sound from us on a CD, but also on a hard disk or USB stick. This way your favorite music or sound recording is easily accessible again. If you wish, we can also make a separate track or file on the CD or hard disk of each song on an LP. We only do this for LP's, for other carriers, we make one file per side.

Digitize audio incremental prices

  • The more items, the lower the price per piece
  • Storage on CD or USB/external hard drive
  • If to USB/external hard drive, you can supply it yourself or purchase it through us.

Price list for music cassettes, LPs, singles.

Qty Price per item


2 - 4


5 - 9


10 - 14


15 -19




25 and more


We can create chapters for LPs, which means that we create a separate file for each song. The cost of creating chapters is 0.75 each. This can be ordered. Only possible with LPs.

Price list for tape recorder reels

Qty Price per item


2 - 4


5 - 9


10 -14


15 - 19


20 - 24


25 pieces and more


Do you prefer analog music and voice recordings digital?

  • Prices as from 15,00 per item. Volume discount.
  • Easy to listen, share and edit.
  • Creating chapters at LP's possible



Why choose Trigger?

  • We think along and advise you honestly
  • We have specialists with a lot of knowledge of audio
  • Our employees are selected for their carefulness
  • We structure (or take over) what you provide us
  • We keep your digital files as a backup for another month


How do you place an order?

  1. Go to: Order audio services.
  2. Choose from the type of audio
  3. Give an estimate of the number of audio carriers.
  4. If you like the price, make an order from your order.
  5. Don't worry if you haven't entered it exactly right, we'll check everything.
  6. You only pay afterwards and for the actual number.
  7. During the ordering process you will be asked whether you would like to drop off the order, collect it or send it to us.
  8. Once ready, you will receive an invoice with the final order amount, based on the actual number of items transferred.
  9. You can collect the order from us and pay at the counter or pay in advance and have it returned.


Are you coming to our offices  to hand over your order? Then you don't have to place your order via our order process. You can visit us from Monday to Saturday to hand in and discuss your assignment. An appointment is not necessary.

Would you like to send it, but you don't find our ordering process convenient? Then you can also 'just' send it to us with a note with your job description and your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. If you send an order, always do so with a parcel seal or by registered post, so that your parcel is traceable.

Can't quite figure it out? Please feel free to contact us on 020-4272027 or via chat.

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