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Digitalisatie van beeld en geluid Alles in eigen beheer Sinds 1991 Voor particulieren en bedrijven

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8mm film

Many memories were shot on 8 mm cinefilm. Super 8, standard 8, with or without sound. Precious family archives which you’ll like to see again and save for future generations.

We digitize cinefilm with 8mm Flashscan HD filmscanners. These scanners, specially designed for high quality 8 mm scanning, in combination with the eye & knowledge of our experts, quarantee the highest possible quality of your filmtransfer.

    • Scanning with Flashscan HD Scanner

    • Highest quality possible

    • Highly experienced operators

    • Your films are save with us

We transfer the digitized material to USB or external hard drive. You can supply your own device or order one in our shop.
The USB/external harddrive must be sent to us together with the order. If you prefer transfer to DVD, it’s also possible.
Please note that disc’s are at end of life so for storage or archival options, disc’s are not recommended. For one hour film, we need 10GB in HD, please supply a USB or external harddrive with enough storage space.

Het team van Trigger


Edwin Dommershuizen

Chef Memories

Julia Klaver

Marketing & Administration

Martin van der Aart

smalfim & video

Bernhard André


Monika Chudoba


Martin Meijn


Rob Verhagen

dia, foto, negatief

Josje de Smet


Pieter de Rooij

smalfilm voorbereiding

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