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Digitalisatie van beeld en geluid Alles in eigen beheer Sinds 1991 Voor particulieren en bedrijven

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8 mm film digitaliseren

Smalfilm spoeltjes bij Bakker Media Center

8 mm, super 8, double 8 cinefilm digitization

8 mm cinefilm, super 8, single 8, double 8, do you still have them lying in your cupboard? Precious memories of childhood, vacations, parties and special moments from your past. We can make your memories digital, so you will be able to rejoy those precious moments. 

Trigger can digitize all sorts of 8 mm film
  • Double 8 / normal 8
  • Double 8 / normal 8 with sound
  • Super 8 / Single 8
  • Super 8 / Single 8 with sound (1 of 2 tracks)

We scan the films with use of the Flashscan HD filmscanners, especially designed to digitize 8 mm in the highest quality. No use of a projector!  Our scanner works with ledlight so your films aren't exposed to a lightsource, which can ruin your film. Your film is transferred by a sprocketless system to ensure harmless transport.

We scan your 8 mm film in HD quality and in 16:9 mode. After scanning the films will undergo a basic colour correction and a final check before we transfer the files to USB / external hard drive.

Pricing 8 mm cinefilm digitization

Our pricing for 8 mm is simple, we scan all in HD quality. If your films have sound, the sound is digitized as well, at no extra cost.
  • Price per minute;  1,65
  • Handelingcost per reel;  2,00
  • We always charge a minimum of 30 minutes per order.
  • The MP4HD files are delivered on a USB or external hard drive. You can supply your own.

    Smalfilm meter

    We made a smalfilm meter to give you an idea of the cost of the digitization of your reels. You can download the smalfilmmeter here. Please print at real size, otherwise it won't work.
    This is always an indication. You will be charged for the exact amount of minutes that are digitized.

    You can also check the table below for the cost per reel:

    cost per reel (euro)
    (minutes + handelingfee)
    REEL 7 cm 15 meter


    REEL 13 cm 60 meter


    REEL 15 cm 90 meter


    REEL18 cm 120 meter


    REEL 21 cm 180 meter


  • Your 8 mm films digital?

    • As from 51,50
    • Watch, edit, share
    • Nice to give as a present!

    Why chooseTrigger?

    Scanning with Flashscan HD scanners
    Highest quality in digitization
    Skilled personnel with years of experience
    Your films are in save hands
    All orders are digitized in our store
    Simple pricing system

    Ho do you place an order?

    1. Go to: 8 mm cinefilm order
    2. Look up what films have and fill in the quantities. Download our smalfilmmeter if you would like to find out the sizes.
    3. If you agree on the price, place your order. 
    4. Do not worry if you hesitate about doing it the right way. We check everything. 
    5. You pay afterwards and for the exact amount of minutes. 
    6. During the orderingproces you will be asked if you like to drop in the order, would like to have it picked up, or sent and return it by post. 
    7. When ready, you will receive a payment request.  
    8. You can pay via de link or, if you pick up you order, pay with card at our desk.

    If you bring by your order, there's no need to place your order via our website, we will do it for you at our offices. We are open for business from monday till saturday, an appointment isn't necessary.

    Would you like to send it to us, but you don't think our orderingsystem is handy, you can also just send your order to us, with a written note telling us all your wishes and your name, address, telephonenumber and e-mail adress. Please, always use registered mail, so your items won't get lost.

    Do you need help? Please contact us at 020-4272027.

    Het team van Trigger


    Edwin Dommershuizen

    Chef Memories

    Julia Klaver

    Marketing & Administration

    Martin van der Aart

    smalfim & video

    Bernhard André


    Monika Chudoba


    Martin Meijn


    Rob Verhagen

    dia, foto, negatief

    Josje de Smet


    Pieter de Rooij

    smalfilm voorbereiding

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